Año: 2019

IMDB Rating: 5.7

Género: Drama  Thriller  

Director: Emanuela Rossi 

Three sisters, Stella, Luce and Aria, live in an isolated house, immersed in the shadows, submitted by a violent and authoritarian father, a religious fanatic obsessed with the end of the world, who keeps them prisoners behind locks and closed windows, under the pretext that the Apocalypse has finally arrived.
Elenco: Denise Tantucci , Valerio Binasco , Gaia Bocci , Olimpia Tosatto , Elettra Dallimore Mallaby , Francesco Genovese , Rebecca Caria , Giulia Falsone , Demetrio Luzzi , Giuseppina Bosco , Stefania Bodiglio , Anna Filosa , Fulvia Roggero , Gabriele Aulisio , Denis Marongiu , Raphael Parascandolo , Vlad Aurelian Vadanovici , Serena Aymar , Angelica Bruno , Elisa Chiesa , Giulia Colantonio , Alessandra Rol .

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