The Hairy Tooth Fairy

The Hairy Tooth Fairy

Año: 2006

IMDB Rating: 4.7

Género: Animation  Family  

Director: Juan Pablo Buscarini 

The Hairy Tooth Fairy
Lucía, an active little girl, looses a tooth. Santiago, her father, is an out-of-work boss, and her mother, Pilar, is a successful but overworked architect, reassure Lucía, by telling her that the Hairy Tooth Fairy (a mouse named Pérez) will come to her bedroom to collect her tooth, leaving some money in its place. A mouse who had been monitoring the situation tells another mouse, who in turn tells another mouse until finally the news reaches Pérez, The Hairy Tooth Fairy, who lives in a boat in the port along with hundreds of other mice. They receive the teeth that he collects, and then clean, shape and polish them so that they can be transformed into shiny round pearls. These pearls are then carried through the citys sewers until finally they reach the jewellers owned by Morientes, where an old friend exchanges them for their weight in gold.
Elenco: Alejandro Awada , Mariano Chiesa , Roly Serrano , Delfina Varni , Fabián Mazzei , Ana María Orozco , Joe Rígoli , Diego Gentile , Ana María Nazar , Enrique Porcellana .

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